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rawrr!! click the link above to get to know me. I used to think I could be fine for the longest time, even if I was alone. . I don't know about that anymore... but now that i waited so long for someone i'm not going to give up.. everything's gonna be alright gonna love her until she doesn't love me no more aha =p this is where i write and express myself.. on a search for the girl of my dream <3
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I’m always paying for others and not living my own life… 

The Best Part Of Life Is Realizing Why It’s Better That Things Didn’t Work Out →

I can start to feel my body giving up at times.

I am so thankful that I cooked my prime rib perfectly and that everyone devoured it so fast ! great dinner with the extended family. ready for round two tomorrow! 

Went to the bank last night, and it was empty so they were training this new girl who helped me with my banking needs. So I started up a conversation with her and I asked them oh you’re just training? and they’re like yes, this is ____, she’ll help you with your banking . So I was like okay great! as she was bringing up my file, I was like “So when do you start training me?” and they both laughed and the trainer quickly asked ” when do you start?” lol. if only jobs were that easy to acquire haha. She asked me if I needed anything else and I told her I needed this much in 100s and she was learning which buttons to press to input in the system so it’s faster, and I told her that her trainer called me ahead of time to tell me to make things harder on her, she laughed and got my money =] .. someone give me a job at the bank please ! LOL 

I don’t normally get sick so easily .. but when I do get sick, it’s like near death experience.. 😵

my dream took me back to the hospital .. that’s gotta be a sign right? 

I’ve been distancing myself from people lately. Not because I hate them or because they hate me. But because lately I really just need to be alone. 

I try to do something good and it always turns around and gives me something bad and change my mood from happy to sad. Life doesn’t like me..

My mom tricked me into seeing my dad yesterday when I went to pick up my little niece. He saw me and waved I didn’t do the same I ignored him. I told myself and to everyone that I’m dead to him when that accident happened. He never helped his family one bit, but his friends ask him to borrow $10,000 he immediately let’s them borrow it. I’m your own blood kid and for me to ask you for a little help anything, it didn’t have to be a lot even $100 or $200 would have been fine but you turned your back and told me you can’t help me. So continue to think that when I got in that accident I died because you weren’t the father you were supposed to be.


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