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rawrr!! click the link above to get to know me. I used to think I could be fine for the longest time, even if I was alone. . I don't know about that anymore... but now that i waited so long for someone i'm not going to give up.. everything's gonna be alright gonna love her until she doesn't love me no more aha =p this is where i write and express myself.. on a search for the girl of my dream <3
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hey my friend Christian Julal just published his very first book called “Places Up Here” The book is out now & you can check it out and purchase your very own paperback here on amazon <— he also has a facebook page for it here So if there’s anyone out there looking for a great novel to read over the summer give this one a chance.

A little about the book:

It starts at a train station. Infatuated with the idea of finding himself, the nameless protagonist leaves the comfort of the suburbs for the promise of a new start. Hidden within towering buildings is a quaint little house with a red door. This is where he first meets Sara, a petite young woman with brown hair, amber eyes, and a fiery attitude. Together, they take on the world – one fearless adventure at a time. “She may be daring, wild, ridiculous even, but maybe that’s what I need, a little ridiculous.” 

A pretty face doesn’t mean a pretty heart.

At this very moment, the person you are meant to be with is somewhere thinking about who they are supposed to be with.

The hardest thing for me to do is to walk away.


When you have so much to say, but can’t find a way.


When you have so much to say, but can’t find a way.

When I send you a “Good Morning” Text, it simply doesn’t mean “Good Morning.” It has a silent loving message that says, “I think of you when I wake up.”


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